Restocks on your favorite Flowers & Concentrates!

November 3, 2020 | Community

Top Shelf Flower

Seven Leaves is back on the menu with their highly coveted flower! You won’t want to miss out on these favorites, featuring strains like Blue Slush: a heavy Indica cross of Sherbert and Gelato, Blue Slush is an incredibly sticky crowd pleaser.

Eighth – $58
– Blue Slush (I) 22.87%
– Bon Bons (I/S) 23.97%
– Vovo (S/I) 20.17%

*Available while supplies last!
Flower & Concentrate

Kings Garden‘s promise is simple and true: to produce a family of perfectly consistent, creatively curated, superior quality strains of cannabis!

Eighth – $39
– Blue Dream, Jack, Kings Cake

7g Gold Jar – $100

Shatter 1g – $40
– Wifi Cake

Budder 1g – $40
– Wedding Gushers

*Available while supplies last!
Topicals, Tinctures & Patches

Maximizing the benefits of natural plant nutrients with clean delivery methods. Mary’s Medicinals‘ products offer a wide array of benefits, such as the elimination of smoking, dose control, continued release, convenience and systemic effects.

Patches – $15
– CBD, CBN, Indica THC

Muscle Freeze 1.5oz – $31
Muscle Freeze 3oz – $56
Transdermal Compound Mini – $36
Transdermal Compound  – $56
THC Tincture – $64
1:1 CBD:CBN Tincture – $89

*Available while supplies last!
Infused Beverages

“Water of The Flower”

Agua De Flor‘s medicated Aguas Frescas, from the Products of Los Angeles family, are great for microdosing! You can mix them to custom create your own cannabis mocktail, or slowly sip on them alone until you hit your desired high!

100mg – $20
– Horchata
– Infused Fresa
– Pina
– Sandia
– Limon Pepino

*Available while supplies last!


Mids Factory has hit the menu with their variety of concentrates! Don’t miss out on their wide selection of shatters in some of your favorite strains, like Jack Herer!

Shatter 1g – $25
– Amnesia, Cali Kush, Cement Shoes, Durban Poison, Ghost Train, Jack Herer, Purple Gelato, Super Lemon Haze, Tres Leches

Cured Resin 1g – $30
– Chiquita Banana

Live Resin 1g – $40
– Berry Stomper

*Available while supplies last!

Carts & Concentrates

That’s right! Raw Garden is back on the Shelves! Available in Sauce dabs, as well as 500mg & 1g Cartridges!

Sauce 1g – $40
– Cachuma Clouds, Dosi Glue*,
Pai Gow Wookies, Sky High

Cartridge 500mg – $40
– Berry Bliss, Gaviota*, Sour Peach,
Space Ranger

Cartridge 1g – $65
– Highwalker #11, Island Wave,
Lilikoi Blossom*, Tre Flip

*Dosi Glue Sauce, Gaviota 500mg Cartridge,
& Lilikoi Blossom 1g Cartridge available through the Secret Menu!

*Available while supplies last!