Promos, Restock and more!

December 15, 2020 | Community
*While Supplies Last*

This week at Green Remedy, buy any
Connected or Alien Labs Disposable
& Get an Planet Dosi Alien Labs Disposable
for just $1! 

Connected Disposable – $60
– El Jefe (H) 80.83% THC
– Gushers (H) 74.02% THC
– Gelonade (S) 69.04% THC

Alien Labs Disposable – $60
– Baklava (I/S) 68.5% THC
– Gelato 41 (I/S) 66.61% THC
– Sherbacio (I/S) 72.53% THC

Disposable Vape Pens
*Alien Labs promo strain: Planet Dosi (I/S) 69.03% THC
*Promo available in-store all-day, 11/30-12/4/2020
*Available while supplies last!

All Serra products 25%
Whole fruit ingredients in six inspired flavors, each with their own unique dose of THC and CBD for a more controlled high. 

100 mg Chocolates $23
40 mg Chocolates $11

100 mg Gumdrops $23
40 mg Gumdrop $11

*Available while supplies last!
Seven Leaves
We restocked on a few of your favorite flavors from Seven Leaves! Make sure to swing on by before they’re all gone!
Eighths – $58
– Grease Monkey (I/S) 27.289% THC
– Gaz (H) 26.827% THC
– Bon Bons (I/S) 25.354% THC
*Available while supplies last!
Wox Extract

WOX EXTRACTS has been focused on creating only the cleanest, most robust and flavorful live resins made from fresh frozen sun-grown cannabis. Located in the Heart of Humboldt County. 

Diamond Sauce – $46
Live Resin Sauce – $45

– Kush Mintz Diamond – 72.38% (I/S) THC
– Blueberry Muffin Diamonds – 81.38%
(I/S) THC   
– Triangle Kush LR – 81.96% (H)THC
– Tangerine LR – 74.85% (S) THC
– Banana OG LR – 78.71% (I) THC
– Gelato x LR – 72.34% (I/S) THC
– Birthday Cake LR – 72.38% (H) THC
– Grape Ape LR – 72.95% (I) THC


*Full Spectrum & made with Real Fruit!
*Other strain Specific Flavors: GDP (Indica), Lemon Jack (Sativa), & Sugar Plum (Hybrid)
*Available while supplies last!

Tutti is crafted for the bong loading, pipe filling, joint rolling, flower loving cannabis community. Look for their Tutti Hash to increase the potency of your purchased or homegrown flower.

Hash 1g – $21
Lemon Bean (S) – 44.114% THC
Banana Punch (H) – 45.749% THC
Papaya Punch (I) 49.154% THC

*Available while supplies last!

Midsfactory is back with some new shatter! Come on by and grab some while they’re still here!

Shatter 1g – $25
LSD BHO – 78.22% (H) THC
Critical Mass BHO – 77.59% (
Brain Killer BHO 77.7% (


*Available while supplies last!
Oakland Extracts

Every weekend all Oakland Extract products will be 20% off! 

Grams – $38 ($30 on the weekends)
Red Congolese Crumble (S)
Blue Dream/Cookie Crumble (H)
Confetti Cake Crumble (I/S)
Cherry Cheesecake (I/S)