New Year New Products!

January 5, 2021 | Community

Smokiez Edibles creates World Class Cannabis products that are available in California, Oregon, Washington State,
Maine, Colorado, Nevada and Oklahoma. They’re committed to making the highest quality Edibles that offer a
great taste.

THC Gummies – $21
CBD Gummies – $23


We’ve restocked on some of your favorite strains from UPNORTH. 

GMO (I) 29% THC – $64
Humboldt OG (I/S) 25.26% THC – $64
NF1 – (H) 28% THC – $65
M&M’s (S) 26.12% THC – $65
Hindu Kush 25.28% (I) THC – $65
Humboldt Kush Cake (I/S) 30% THC- $66

*Available while supplies last!
La Familia
We restocked on some of your favorite products from La Familia! Make sure to get yours while supplies last! 
Rice Krispys – $20
Chocolates – $20
*Available while supplies last!
Chronic Creek

New Strain from Chronic Creek! Come check out their latest drop with the White Runtz!

White Runtz – (H) 25.08% THC – $46
Peanut Butter Breath – 23.72% THC – $35

*Full Spectrum & made with Real Fruit!
*Other strain Specific Flavors: GDP (Indica), Lemon Jack (Sativa), & Sugar Plum (Hybrid)
*Available while supplies last!
Cali Kosher

Cali Kosher coming into the new year with some new strains! Dont miss your chance to try some of their new frosting to get the year off right!

Cali Kosher Frosting 1g – $40

Double Layer Cake (H) 80.14% THC
Cory OG Frosting (H) 82.74% THC 
Fatso Frosting (H) 81.73 THC
Lime Pop Frosting (H) 80.45% THC


*Available while supplies last!

Coda Signature chocolate starts with ethically sourced cacao. The cacao beans can be traced to specific regions of South America bringing their own flavor and character based on each individual region’s climate, traditions, and environment. 

Chocolates – $25 100mg
Gummies – $20 100mg

*Available while supplies last!

Limited stock on Jettys Cartridge’s. Come get em while you still can!

Alien OG .5g (H) 83.57% THC
Maui Wowie .5g (S) 82.51% THC
Blue Dream 1g (S) 78.81% THC