New strains from Fig Farms, Plus Gummies & More!

November 30, 2020 | Community

Local Toy Drive

To show our support for our community during the holiday season, Green Remedy will be donating

$5 to a Local Toy Drive
for every Dosha 1/8th
sold on December 1st

*Monday 11/30 – Friday 12/4*
Disposable Vape Pens

This week at Green Remedy, buy any
Connected or Alien Labs Disposable
& Get an Alien Labs Disposable
for just $1! 

Connected Disposable – $60
– El Jefe (H) 80.83% THC
– Gushers (H) 74.02% THC
– Gelonade (S) 69.04% THC

Alien Labs Disposable – $60
– Baklava (I/S) 68.5% THC
– Gelato 41 (I/S) 66.61% THC
– Sherbacio (I/S) 72.53% THC

*Alien Labs promo strain: Planet Dosi (I/S) 69.03% THC
*Promo available in-store all-day, 11/30-12/4/2020
*Available while supplies last!

Top Shelf Flower

Breeder and cultivator of the most sought after cannabis in California.
Farmer Owned, Oakland Grown.

Eighths – $69
– Animal Mints (I/S) 27.97% THC
– Blue Face (I/S) 33.31% THC
– Figment (S/I) 30.3% THC
– Government Lemons (H) 26.46% THC
– Kush Mint Cookies (I) 31.49% THC

*Available while supplies last!
Strain Specific Infused Gummies

Plus has added even more flavors of their new Strain Specific line of gummies! With a juicy pineapple punch to the palate, these Pineapple Express gummies deliver a smooth, yet hard hitting hybrid effect.

Flavor:  Ripe pineapple zest with hints of orange and lemon
Effects: creative mind, elevated mood, euphoric feelings

100mg THC Tin – $22

*Full Spectrum & made with Real Fruit!
*Other strain Specific Flavors: GDP (Indica), Lemon Jack (Sativa), & Sugar Plum (Hybrid)
*Available while supplies last!

Alien OG, is the result of crossing Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. This indica from Caliva has an intense high that combines heavy indica body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz.

Gram – $18
– Alien OG (I/S) 31% THC

Eighth – $50
– Alien OG (I/S) 33% THC

*Available while supplies last!


As the original and largest cultivator in California’s renowned Coachella Valley, Kings Garden’s promise is simple and true. To produce a family of perfectly consistent, creatively curated, superior quality strains of cannabis. 

Eighth – $39
– Gelato (I/S) 22% THC
– Kings Cake (I) 27% THC 

*Available while supplies last!

510 Thread Cartridges

Jetty is back! Check out their high THC oil, crafted in their Oakland lab from small-farm, sun-grown cannabis.

1g Cartridge – $58
– Blue Dream (S) 78.81% THC
– Gelato (H) 84.01% THC 
– Northern Lights (I) 88.45% THC 

*Available while supplies last!