House Prerolls, Top Shelf Flower, & New Edibles!

October 13, 2020 | Community

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At Green Remedy we believe it is extremely important to help & support our community. For the month of October our focus is to bring awareness towards Breast Cancer prevention, helping fund research, & supporting those already affected.

To show our solidarity, 
GR will donate $5 towards

Breast Cancer Awareness
for every Dosha Brand 1/8th
sold on Tuesday, Oct 13th


Full Gram Prerolls

That’s right, we’re finally bringing back our in-house preroll 😱 This first drop features one of our most popular strains, GMO aka GMO Cookies or Garlic Cookies. This indica dominant hybrid is a cross of Chemdawg x GSC, and tested at 26.8%THC & 31% total cannabinoids!

1g Preroll – $10

*More strains coming soon!
*Available while supplies last!

Top Shelf Flower

Shout out to Richie Rich & Conscious Mindz for dropping by and hooking us up with some of the coolest fire out there – SNO BATTER! This indica leaning cross of Purple Grape Pie x Thin Mint Cookies hits you with 24.5% THC & features a mix of deep green and purple buds with distinct orange hairs. You won’t want to miss out when it touches down on the menu!

Eighth – $79
– Sno Batter (I) 24.5% THC

*Available while supplies last!


Pacific Reserve is back with eighths of flower! This Cherry Kush elevates your mood, while providing a sense of stillness. It is a stress-buster with a sweeter inhale thanks to Purple Afghani and finishes with fuel-filled OG Kush experience on the exhalation.

Eighth – $35
–  Cherry Kush (I) 24% THC
– Key Lime Pie (I/S) 26.5% THC

Eighth – $40
– Kosher Dog (H) 29% THC**

*Available while supplies last!
**Kosher Dog Eighth only available through the Secret Menu!
Infused Gummies

Miss Mirum’s edibles are hand-crafted by real chefs to create a true sensory experience. They use all-natural ingredients, including premium cannabis which is grown on their exclusive farms in Northern California!

100mg THC – $13
– Wild Mango Indica
– Berry Bomb Indica
– Key Lime Hybrid
– Maui Pineapple Sativa
– Wowie Watermelon Sativa

20:1 CBD – $15
– Groovy Guava
– Passion Fruit Punch

*Available while supplies last!
Cured Sauce

“Cured resin has become increasingly popular amongst flower smokers because it’s made from the same dried or cured material you would use to roll a joint. Cured resin is by no means a lower quality compared to live resin, but simply a preference. It typically has a higher percentage of THC, but a lower amount of terps.”
Friendly Farms

1g Cured Sauce – $35
– Gelato 33 (H) 84% THC
– Guava (I/S) 88% THC
– Ice Cream Cake (I) 78.7% THC
– Lemon Cane (S) 78.1% THC
– Mr Sandman (I) 74.3% THC
– Oreo Cream (I) 77.5% THC**

1g Cured Sauce – $40
– Dosickeys (H) 82% THC

*Available while supplies last!
**Oreo Cream only available through the Secret Menu!

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– Medical 18+ w/Med Rec & ID
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