Donations, Ounce Specials, Cartridge Deals, & Edible Restocks!

October 27, 2020 | Community


Due to Covid-19, the American Cancer Society is counting on donor support now more than ever to sustain the cancer research, education, and services people with cancer or at risk for cancer depend on. 

This week, the ACS is matching donations! To show our support Green Remedy will donate
$5 towards Breast Cancer Awareness and the ACS
for every Dosha 1/8th
sold on October 26th

More info about the American Cancer Society, &
How to Donate directly can be found at

Eighths, Quarters,
& Ounce Specials!

Pacific Stone is known for their 100% Premium California Greenhouse Cannabis, available at an affordable price!

Eighth – $25
– Orange Cookies, PR OG

Quarter – $50
– Banjo, Glue 805, PR OG

Ounce – $180
– Banjo, Glue 805

*Available while supplies last!
Cartridges & Batteries

This week, Stiiizy is bringing you a varity of different style 500mg vape pods!

Starter Kit Battery – $20
Big Battery – $35

Classic 500mg – $25
– OG Kush, Biscotti, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, Sour Tangie, Strawnana

Cannabis Terp 500mg – $40
– Gelato

Live Resin 500mg – $55
– LA Kush, Slurricane

*Stiiizy Pods are ONLY compatible with Stiiizy Batteries!
*Strains may vary.
*Available while supplies last!
Flower, Prerolls,
Carts & Disposables

CRU stepped up their game with a wide selection of vapes, flower, & prerolls!

Grand Preroll – $15
– GMO Cookies, Sugar Plum, Yuzu

CRU Vape Battery – $20

Disposable Vape – $30
– 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade, 1:1 Strawberry Sherbet, 1:1 Wedding Cake, 1:1 Blueberry Kush, Grape Sorbet

750mg Cartridge – $40
– Blueberry Kush, Forum Cookies, Ghost OG, Grape Sorbet, Mai Thai, Orange Fuel, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Sherbet, Wedding Cake, White Walker

CRU Eighth – $45
– Lime x SLP, Orange Fuel, SFV OG, Southern Lights

Grand CRU Eighth – $55
– Afternoon Delight

*Available while supplies last!
Chocolate Bars
& Gumdrops

Serra products are made with the finest ingredients and in collaboration with premier partners, crafting exceptional, accessible experiences that help everyone see the beauty in cannabis.

Chocolate 40mg – $14
Chocolate 100mg – $30

– 1:1 Salted Cacao Nibs
– 2:1 Stumptown Coffee
– Dark Chocolate
– Milk Chocolate

Gumdrops 20mg – $14
Gumdrops 100mg – $30

– 1:1 Strawberry Basil
– 2:1 Tart Cherry
– CBD Lemon Ginger

*Available while supplies last!

Infused Butter
& Infused Treats

Canna butter & Bite sized edibles are back just in time for Halloween, from the one and only Heavenly Sweet!

Infused Butter 1000mg – $60

Chile Lime Crackers 100mg – $20

Muddy Buddies 100mg – $20

*Available while supplies last!
*Check out Canna Butter recipes here!